Simple Rules engages others to create productive patterns

Simple Rules Foundation

The Simple Rules Foundation is a private 501 (c)(3) organization founded in 2011.  They are committed to creating a sustainable, productive world and believe one way to achieve such a world is to engage people in generating sustainable, productive patterns in their lives.

They see the public goods as a way of ensuring these patterns around the globe.  Toward that end, they use their non-profit status to generate resources to support local and global efforts in a number of ways.  These may include:

  • Offering coaching, training, planning, workshops, presentations and generative board development.
  • Promotion of organizations and programs that are sustainable and productive, and align with their own goals and objectives.
  • Reach out locally and globally through conferences, seminars and other public venues to talk about simple rules and their potential to create change.

Packs for Prosperity is proud to be a program that supports this community and the Simple Rules Foundation.

To contact the Simple Rules Foundation directly, click here, or for more information visit their website.

Packs for Prosperity

Packs for Prosperity


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