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Sisterhood of Super Women Supports Packs

  Many thanks go out to the members of the Sisterhood of Super Women and to Bellagios’ Restaurant in Mesa, Arizona for supporting our project Packs for Prosperity and the Simple Rules Foundation this past weekend. The members showed their support by their attendance at our monthly meeting, their cash contributions to the “hope jar” and by bringing supplies such as personal hygiene products, snacks, backpacks and many other basic and essential supplies for our homeless population in Phoenix. We […]

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Cricket Fosnaugh Creates Drawing

I would love to thank Cricket Fosnaugh (The Pencil Whisperer) for her amazing pencil drawing that she created for this past weekend’s Sisterhood of Super Women event sponsored by Catherine Anaya.  The drawing was created and donated to the event by Cricket and the proceeds for the raffle of the original drawing went to Packs for Prosperity.   We received generous donations from the raffle ticket sales as well as bags of donations of supplies for our backpack assembly.  We […]

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The Pencil Whisperer

Cricket Fosnaugh is the artist here. We call her “the pencil whisperer.”  She finds pencils on her path and creates drawings by feeling the energy of the pencil. She is creating this one of a kind drawing for the next Sisterhood of Super Women meeting on March 20th at Bellagios Restaurant in Mesa. Packs for Prosperity, along with the Simple Rules Foundation, will be presenting at this meeting and the drawing has significant meaning for this Project. Attend this next meeting […]

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