Sisterhood of Super Women Supports Packs

SOSW members Debra Garza and Andrea Brundage


Many thanks go out to the members of the Sisterhood of Super Women and to Bellagios’ Restaurant in Mesa, Arizona for supporting our project Packs for Prosperity and the Simple Rules Foundation this past weekend.

Alana Roberts of Packs for Prosperity and Mallary Tytel of the Simple Rules Foundation

The members showed their support by their attendance at our monthly meeting, their cash contributions to the “hope jar” and by bringing supplies such as personal hygiene products, snacks, backpacks and many other basic and essential supplies for our homeless population in Phoenix.

Cricket FosnaughWe enjoyed tasty food prepared by Israel, Sam and the owner Mike Bipar and had a wonderful afternoon sharing our passions and the “Super” things that we are doing to make this world and our community a better place for all of us.

Our special thanks goes out to Cricket Fosnaugh for her powerful pencil sketch which she created from a discarded pencil and made especially for the this event along with a phenomenal story to go along with the drawing.

We appreciate the support of the members of the Sisterhood of Super Women.  You are all SUPER!

Alana and Mallary







Packs for Prosperity






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