First Pack Party is a Success


An overwhelming thank you goes out to the Val Vista Lakes Women’s Club for their unbelievable generosity this past week in launching our first “Pack Party” at their monthly membership meeting.  

Donations were coming in by the cases and we were able to generously fill 54 backpacks!!  The ladies were busy sorting and filling the donated packs with a variety of supplies for those in our community who need basic and essential supplies while living on the streets or in shelters.  

We included water, water bottles, personal hygiene products, snacks, notebooks and pens, hats, socks and resource material among many other items. 





Many women were inspired to take several packs home with them to put in their cars to hand out to those on the street.  We have received numerous comments and stories of the positive effects that this project has had on those who have offered the packs to recipients and the recipients as well.

One recipient said “Wow this is everything that I have needed!”  

Blessings to those who made the launch of this project a success!

If you have donations in the future, please contact me or go to our donations page to make your contribution or to schedule a drop off.  The packs are available for you to disseminate if you so choose and you may pick them up anytime.


Packs for Prosperity


Packs for Prosperity

Packs for Prosperity




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  1. I am so proud of you and the work you do to make a positive impact in the world.

  2. Alana, it is mind boggling to have watched you over the years and all that you have accomplished!!!! I am humbled and grateful to be your friend. Thank you for all you do for others!! It’s no accident that your business name has the word “Amazing” in it……..because that is the only way to describe you as a person and all that you do!!

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