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Our mission is to provide those in need with basic and essential supplies.  But we need your help to carry out our mission of providing – and distributing – those supplies to those in need.


Please donate now and make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Whether you make a one-time or recurring contribution, your donation gives dignity to the homeless and displaced population of Phoenix by providing them with the basic essential supplies they need. You may also purchase complete backpacks to have on hand or in your car to give to those in need. A $15.00 donation will pay for a fully equipped backpack to distribute to one person in need. Donation In-kind:  In-kind donations are always appreciated.  Please visit our “supplies needed” page to see what we accept for completing the backpacks.

Schedule your own “pack party” and donate the completed packs to Packs for Prosperity to distribute or distribute them yourselves in your community.

Purchase supplies and backpacks on Amazon and have them shipped to Packs for Prosperity.

Thank you.

To arrange for a gift drop off click HERE.

For a one-time or recurring monetary contribution click the DONATE button below.

All checks should be made payable to Simple Rules Foundation and note that it is for “Packs for Prosperity.”