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Day Two – Simple Rules Photo Project

DAY TWO – SIMPLE RULES PHOTO PROJECT Read about the project by clicking here. CREATE YOUR OWN SIMPLE RULES !      

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Choosing Not to Look Away

Choosing Not to Look Away I wanted to share a recent article written by Madisyn Taylor from the Daily OM: Most of us know in our hearts that the homeless and the poor are not so very different from us. Homeless people in our communities are a fact of life, especially in big cities. Many of us don’t know how to interpret this situation or what we can do to help. We may vacillate between feeling guilty, as if we […]

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AZ Gives Day Fundraiser

  Arizona Gives Day is a day when people all over Arizona go online to make donations to nonprofits they care about. Last year, 573 nonprofit organizations raised over $2 million. Our project is brand new and has raised several thousand dollars as well as distributed over 100 backpacks containing supplies for those in need in the Phoenix metro area since October of 2015. Our organization is participating for the first time this year!   This year, Packs for Prosperity […]

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Cricket Fosnaugh Creates Drawing

I would love to thank Cricket Fosnaugh (The Pencil Whisperer) for her amazing pencil drawing that she created for this past weekend’s Sisterhood of Super Women event sponsored by Catherine Anaya.  The drawing was created and donated to the event by Cricket and the proceeds for the raffle of the original drawing went to Packs for Prosperity.   We received generous donations from the raffle ticket sales as well as bags of donations of supplies for our backpack assembly.  We […]

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Feeling peace and happiness

We are not obliged to like anyone; but we are under a binding obligation to  love everyone, love, or charity, meaning a vivid sense of impersonal good will. This has nothing directly to do with the feelings, though it is always followed, sooner or later, by a wonderful feeling of peace and happiness. — Emmet Fox, Sermon on the Mount    

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Fire takes family home

It is with great sadness that I share with you that last Friday night, a local family, the Hartmann’s lost their home in a fire. They have lost everything. Besides the loss of their possession’s, the hardest part of this tragedy is the loss of their best friends, their dog’s Jazzy, Bella and Cupcake who their lives in the fire. As you can imagine their lives have been turned up side down. The overwhelming feeling of losing their dog’s, their house and […]

Sisterhood of Superwomen Presents Packs for Prosperity

  Packs for Prosperity and the Simple Rules Foundation will be presenting at the next Sisterhood of Super Women’s monthly meeting. Sunday, March 20, 2016 Location:  Bellagios Firewood Gourmet Kitchen Mesa, Arizona 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. To register for this fun event click here:  Be sure to pre-register so that we may let the restaurant know our numbers! All Women are INVITED to attend! What is the Sisterhood of Super Women? I founded the Sisterhood of Super Women in […]

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Thank you to Artists for a Cause

This past weekend was amazing.  I spent the weekend at the art show “Artists for a Cause” in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The sun was shining and it was a beautiful 85 degrees.  The mountains were the backdrop to the show of 22 artists.  To top it off we were blessed with the beautiful sounds of Joshua Isaac and Nicki Park.   The Artists for a Cause hosts art shows two weekends per month at the Mercado in Scottsdale on Via Linda.  They […]

Artists for A Cause

February is quite an exciting month for Packs for Prosperity! Packs for Prosperity has been chosen as the featured charity – “cause” for the art show, Artists for a Cause for the month of February. Thus, in the “spirit of charity”, they are Artists for a Cause. Two weekends each month, Artists for a Cause conducts an art show in Scottsdale, Arizona at the Mercado at Scottsdale Ranch.  The art show features over 35 locally and recognized artists and craftsmen […]

The Pencil Whisperer

Cricket Fosnaugh is the artist here. We call her “the pencil whisperer.”  She finds pencils on her path and creates drawings by feeling the energy of the pencil. She is creating this one of a kind drawing for the next Sisterhood of Super Women meeting on March 20th at Bellagios Restaurant in Mesa. Packs for Prosperity, along with the Simple Rules Foundation, will be presenting at this meeting and the drawing has significant meaning for this Project. Attend this next meeting […]

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