A Short List of Simple Rules

One Simple Thing

It is at this time, perhaps more than any other, that most of us step back from everything around us, and spend some time on introspection. The start of a New Year, like many other beginnings, provides us with the natural impetus to look back and look forward:  to analyze, examine, and review what came before with a notion of learning and gaining insight; and to plan, organize, identify, and construct the landscape and outcomes we desire for the future.  A Short List of Simple Rules allows us to get back to basics and create a context for what we value as individuals and organizations. Click To Tweet

Simple Rules are a foundation to guide behavior, inform thinking and decision-making, and create the culture of an organization. They are comprised of what we believe and understand about our work; the ways in which we work; and the fundamental frameworks that enable us to do our work.

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Simple Rules Foundation


Packs for Prosperity

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